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For Sale:
Posted: 07/11/14

American Warmblood Mare

Athena is a 6-year-old, 15-3 hh black American Warmblood mare; her sterling grandsires are Ideal (Oldenburg) and Capone1 (Holsteiner). She is very energetic, strong and athletic.  She'd love eventing, fox-hunting and steeplechase. 

Athena is point-and-shoot -- bold and enthusiastic on jumps.  She is strong & fast, and roars up steep hills like a galloping freight train.  She is great on the trail, but does require a confident rider.  She crosses water and jumps logs happily, and best of all, she's completely sound barefoot on the gnarliest rocky trails.  She's had iron-free hooves since birth. 

Athena has all the basics; we are now working on finessing the aids and to get her working through her back.  Athena is completely sound.  Being a curious horse, she has cut herself up a few times.  She messed up the back end of her top lip.  This in no way interferes with her bitting or anything else; its a blemish that people don't notice unless they're looking for it.

Temperament-wise, Athena is sweet and loves humans (I did the imprinting right after birth).  She does think quite well of herself and will test her human.  We've always used natural horsemanship with her and when reminded she minds her manners. 
Video available. 

Please contact Karen at in Moscow, Idaho.  (208) 882-8621 and leave a message as we screen our calls.

 For Sale:
Posted: 05/23/13
Grandview's Abra Kadabra

"Abby is a thirteen year old beautiful, calm, sweet, experienced trail horse.  She has been ridden in the mountains near Flagstaff, Arizona for 9 years.  She has always been barefoot and has beautiful, strong feet.  She is gaited and is double registered as a Rocky Mountain Horse and Kentucky Mountain Horse.  She is Certified to Breed by the RMHA but has never been bred.  She was professionally trained and has been in two shows at Westworld. She won 2 second place ribbons because of her beauty and incredibly smooth gait.  She is black and 14.3 hands. 

Abby has been  trained, cared for and ridden by her devoted owner, a woman in her 50's. 
Asking price is $5000. 
Please contact Bonnie Peel at 928-699-3775 or

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