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Barefoot Public Trails

Smokey Mtn. Stables
Public Riding Stable in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Preparing for work Horses brought in and getting tacked up 
in preparation for a days work.

Smokey Mtn. Stables has a broad representaion of breeds. Among their horses are Percherons, Belgians, Appaloosas, Paso Finos, Tennessee Walking Horses, Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Arabs and Paints.

All horses at Smokey Mtn. Stables 
are barefoot.
Bare feet

Heading out on the trails
30+ barefoot horses taverse 
steep - often rocky - mountain trails every day. 
These horses are 
extremely sure footed.
On the trail

Two young riders having fun, unaware of the 
controversy surrounding the remarkable nature
of the bare feet  that carry them....
On the trail

Closeup of bare feet on the trail ...sure-footed and completely sound.

The foot of a Smokey Mtn Stables
High Performance Barefoot Horse!

Even though the feet of these horses are shaped 
by the environment they live and work in, they still need an occasional trim.

bare foot closeup

Resting on the rocks Relaxing after a day on the trails is a Belgian draft gelding with his friend and new herd member an 18 month Quarterhorse colt.   Living and working on rugged terrain  keeps these horses' feet tough and strong....naturally. 
Walking down a steep trail to drink from a stream, the horses at Smokey Mtn. have an ideal environment. At the watering hole


Barefoot Team Roping

Owner - Rachel Ward
Team Roping
Sunny (foreground) is a 7 year old unregistered QH out of a King Ranch mare and a QH stud.
She weighs about 1200lbs and stands 15.1 or 15.2.  She was shod when she was about 4 but only
sporadically, most of the time she's been barefoot.  The last time she had a set of shoes on was in March of 99.

Her owner has been roping on her barefoot since then and the pair won their first teamroping event (heeling)
last year with no shoes.  They've competed in rocky arenas, hard dirt arenas that hadn't been plowed and
deep sand arenas. She's been surefooted, agile and sound throughout everything asked of her.

Now the owner's husband is teamroping on Sunny and she has a new career as a heading horse!


Barefoot Competative Trails

Owner/Rider - Anna Larson
Competative Trail Riding
Competative trail horse This mare recently attended a competitive trail ride at the Purgatory North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC)  held at
 Purgatory Resort north of Durango Colorado  where she placed third.   That ride was physically demanding due to the altitude - from about 7000 ft up to over 10,000 ft during the first day ride.
Competative trail horse

Barefoot Recreational Trails

Owner/Rider - Katie Jones
Recreational Trail Riding
Tonka, a 7 year old Quarter Horse mare. 
She's been barefoot (and actively ridden) most of her life. 
She was shod briefly (about four months) at the age of two (before Katie owned her). 

Note from Katie:

I pulled Tonka's shoes within a few days of buying her. Within a month, we moved to Jackson, Wyoming. some of the rockiest land I have ever encountered.  Most of the valley is made of what is called "glacial moraine."  It's bascially a huge rock pile left behind by the movement of glaciers across the land.  I figured I would have to shoe Tonka at some point because of all the rocks.  I kept waiting for her to get sore, or her feet to get beat up.  That never happened, so she never got shod.  Tonka was trail ridden at the walk, trot, canter, and gallop 4-5 days a week (2-3 hours at a time) over that rocky land. She had a couple months off each winter because the snow always became too deep to ride in.
After 3 years in Jackson, we moved to Laramie, Wyoming.  The ground in Laramie is fairly soft and sandy with few rocks.  It took a little time for Tonka's feet to adjust to the new ground and extreme lack of moisture, but she has NEVER had an 'off' day.  I do firmly believe that the rocky ground of Jackson was better for her feet than the sandy stuff in Laramie. 

I have been trimming Tonka myself since I bought her. I DID take a 'Farrier Science' course at CSU, so I wasn't totally in the dark about trimming, but, it was strictly 'old school'  methods that were taught.  I have always tried to trim according to the natural wear patterns of her feet.  As it turns out, I was giving her pretty much a 'four-point trim' before I'd ever heard of the concept. 

Tonka has NEVER, NEVER been lame, sore, off, or whatever and she continues to be ridden regularly (4-5 times a week).

Tonka preparing for a ride

Tonka on the trail

Barefoot Driving

Owner - Mark Navratil
Pleasure Driving
Casey - a trottingbred pony (Shetland/Standardbred cross) driving at an extended trot barefoot, Casey foundered in May of 1999 while she was pregnant. She was treated with barefoot trimming and she was sound enough to drive in 5 months, she had a very healthy filly on St Patrick's day 2000. The filly has been weaned and Casey is back to a training schedule. Trottingbred pony - shetland/saddlebred cross

Owner -  Sharon Beck
Pleasure and Competition Driving
5year old arab mare that competes in distance driving events. These events are generally 12-18 miles over hilly rocky terrian. 
She is driven often the local roads to keep in shape. The mare has never had shoes on and has never been lame or sore going barefoot.

This picture was taken with a couple of friends out on a pleasure drive/ride.

Trottingbred pony - shetland/saddlebred cross

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